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Last Updated:
April 16th, 2015


April 16th, 2015- Sway and Gyda gave birth at the end of March. There are nine pups total between the two births and only 6-7 of those will be available for adoption. Watch your emails for notification if I've come to you on our waiting list. If you don't get in on these litters, I will gladly add you on for the next litters :)

March 8th, 2015- Sway and Gyda have been paired with Bjorn. We have received several adoption applications, so if you are interested, send yours in soon! Availability will be limited.

January 18th, 2015- All of our available youngsters have gone to their new homes. We do still have some available adults if anyone is interested. I have been working on going some updating for the site. I have added a few biographies and have been taking down some broken links from the links page. If anyone would like to suggest a link, feel free to contact me. I also have an active facebook for the rattery. Just search for "Rodere Rattery of KY"

December 8th, 2014- Reservations have begun so watch your emails. I have some older girls who may be available. They were returned by a previous adopter. I've emailed some about them, but if it turns out they are available, I will post it.

November 15th, 2014- Chiara gave birth later that day after I posted our update. Due to unfortunate circumstances, she has only 1 surviving ritten who will be staying here at the rattery. Sway (formerly Afina) gave birth about 2 AM with no difficulty whatsoever. She has 10 healthy rittens and is being a wonderful first time mother. We have several people on our waiting list, so availability will be very limited.

Greeting from us at Rodere Rattery. Rodere Rattery is a dream that came true in 2008. After over a decade of owning rats as pets, I decided that I would like to begin a responsible breeding program. With that endeavor, I hope to give even a little bit back to the animals whom I can thank for years of loving companionship and trust. In addition, I would like to breed wonderful 'rittens' that will be great companions to their adopters and cagemates. Rodere Rattery is located near Ashland, Kentucky.

We will be focusing on dumbo rats with wonderful health, temperament, and type. It is our hope to work with several unusual colors and help better establish some of the unrecognized colors here in the United States. Our main concern, however, will always be the health and temperament of the rats that are bred here at Rodere Rattery.

If you are interested in adopting a rat or rats from Rodere Rattery, please look over our 'Adopting' page and fill out our adoption application. We may on occassion have rescue rats and retired adults available. We will do our upmost to ensure that each and every rat is treated like a member of the family, even if they are not a permanent resident.

Contact Rodere Rattery.